Inline Tube Small Tube Straightener Works Upto 5/16"


Inline Tube's Mini Tube Straightener uses roller bearing guides for smooth operation. Feed coiled tube in and it comes out straight on the other side.

The mini straightener is fully adjustable from 3/16” to 5/16”, can be vice or bracket mounted, and can be used on all tubing materials from copper-nickel to stainless steel.

Support brackets on both sides of the wheels ensure less wear on the bearings so this tool will last a lifetime.

Inline Tube's full-size Tube Straightener can be found in the related products below.

Please note: All Inline Tube bending and flaring hand tools are designed to be used with fully annealed automotive grade tubing with a wall thickness of .028”. As such, we cannot guarantee results or tool performance using these tools with any other grades or wall thickness.

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