About Us

Inline Tube offers a variety of products for classic and current cars and trucks ranging from preformed brake lines, fuel lines, transmission lines, and straight length tubing sets, for custom applications and the street rod enthusiast. Our exclusive products include: stainless steel and OEM parking brake cables, brake line and fuel line clips, stainless and OEM brake flex hoses, proportioning valves, disc brake conversions, rear drum kits, exhaust and many other under body products. All of our preformed lines ship complete with correct factory bends, exact factory fittings and 45 degree double flared ends. These lines also have correct size wire spring wrap or cloth wrap where used on the original line; complete and ready to bolt them into place. Countless hours and immense research has been spent to ensure that the product is 100% authentic in appearance, application and fit. Inline Tube manufactures all its own preformed lines, fittings, hoses and clamps to ensure the high quality of our product.

Inline Tube was founded out of a 2-car garage in 1995 and soon moved to a 3000 square foot facility. In 2002, a new 14,000 square foot state-of-the-art production facility was built to better serve our customers and in 2014 a new addition more than doubled the facility to over 28,000 square feet. The new addition warehouses over 24,000 parts that Inline Tube manufactures and stock. This brand new facility is now the Inline Tube headquarters located in Shelby Township, Michigan. With over 14,000 tubes in our current inventory, Inline Tube is the industry leader in computer precision preformed brake and fuel lines. We are located in the heart of "Motor City" Detroit where automobiles are not just transportation, but a way of life! Our staff consists of highly trained sales personal, technical service representatives and mechanical engineers to ensure your receive the best service, the correct information and the highest quality parts on the market. Inline Tube bends over one million feet of tube, using 350,000 tube nuts and 100,000 feet of spring wrap each year. We are the Brake Plumbing Experts.

Our Industry Leading Process

With our exclusive computer-aided manufacturing technology , Inline Tube precisely scans and programs all original factory lines with the accuracy of .005", or the thickness of a human hair. This means no guess work or human interpretation of lengths or angles. This step is the most critical to achieve an accurate shape.

The scanned information is then compiled to form a precision blueprint which then is downloaded to the computer bender. There is an individual blueprint for the over 14,000 lines that Inline Tube manufactures. Each print lists the 3 dimensional data of the angles, lengths and rotations to produce only the highest quality part shapes available.

Through the use of state-of-the-art CNC computer benders, there is no hand programming or test samples required. By reading the blueprint, this machine has a three head carriage which allows for different radius bends in the same part shape. This feature ensures exact factory duplication. Inline Tube is the exclusive manufacturer with multiple computer benders.

Inline Tube's high precision final products are manufactured to exceed all DOT, SAE and ISO Specifications. All lines and fittings are 45 degree standard automotive specification. Stainless tubes are made using seamless 304 nonmagnetic stainless steel and pressure tested to 6000 psi burst. Countless hours and immense research has been spent to ensure that the parts ordered are the most accurate on the market and a perfect fit every time.

Next Generation Digital Catalogs

At Inline Tube we have evolved from the days of printed catalogs to state-of the art software solutions that are capable of delivering digital catalogs that are ready to be received for any channel of business.As a member of the Autocare Association, we format all of our data to industry standard ACES and PIES formats. Our digital catalogs of our products are also readily available today within Epicor and WHI Solutions systems.