What can I expect when I order a brake line set?

All Inline Tube lines come completely preformed identical to the factory originals. Our lines are made using our state-of-the-art CNC computer benders and scanning equipment. Whether you buy stainless steel or tin coated steel lines, they will have factory correct fittings, spring wrap and cloth wrap in the original locations. We are guys working on cars too and we know you want: the highest quality parts available, manufactured specifically for your car, at a fair price, delivered a few days later.

What is a shipping bend?

Shipping bends are required to ship all lines over 6 feet in length. This bend is a large-radius bend that is the same as a 5 gallon bucket. The tubing is not stressed so the bend is easily straightened to the original form. To remove the shipping bend, simply unroll the section marked between the tags on a flat surface such as a table or garage floor. Use the floor as a straight edge. Whatever gentle bend is left, straighten by hand. When the tube is straight you are done.

Is stainless steel harder to seat than OEM steel?

Both materials seat the same. The tubing is not what causes the line not to seat. Most of the time you are reusing a master or wheel cylinder and the seat in the used component has a seat ring from the old line. When reusing old components with new lines, either stainless or OEM steel, they must form a seat in the component. To form a good seat, loosen the line slightly and retighten several times. This allows the two materials to re-form together and create a strong seat.

Should I use teflon tape on my new lines?

Never use teflon tape to seal lines. Teflon seals the threads to the component but does not stop the leak. Remember, the cone of the component and the flare of the tube is what seal the connection. The tube nut only holds the flare to the seat. Teflon tape is only used on pipe threads (tapered fittings), not brake line fittings.

Should I buy stainless steel or OEM steel lines?

Both stainless and OEM steel perform exactly the same for braking. The difference is the material. Both lines have the fittings on the ends, cloth wrap and spring wrap identical to the factory originals and are very hard to tell apart. The OEM steel lines are a tin coated steel line identical to the original and will last as long as the original. The stainless steel lines will never rust tarnish or corrode.

Do brake and fuel lines include hold down clips?

Hold down clips and brake hoses are not included with brake tubing sets. However, we have compiled a large list of clip sets available for most cars and trucks. If we do not have an exact set for your application, you can purchase a general OE style clip set for each size line or match up your original clips from over 50 different styles listed under the clip section online or in our catalog. We also carry hundreds of brake hoses in both OEM rubber and braided stainless steel.

What brake fluid should I use in the system?

DOT 3 originally came in the brake system. This fluid can destroy your paint and collects moisture which reduces performance over time. Under extreme braking conditions, such as constant drag racing or excessive braking, DOT 3 will out perform DOT 5 (silicone fluid). DOT 5 is an excellent choice for museum and show cars, since it will not collect moisture and does not harm paint. Never mix DOT 5 and DOT 3 Fluids.

Can I double flare stainless steel tube by hand?

Yes, you can double flare stainless steel lines bought from Inline Tube. Our tube is fully annealed and is very easy to work with. We recommend and offer several good flaring tools: Rigid, Imperial Eastman or Blue Point. Carefully follow all the instructions that come with the tool and the tubing, and the flare will be perfect every time.

Why should I buy from Inline Tube?

At Inline Tube, we earn you as a customer. We have been hunting original parts off of original cars in junk yards all over the country for the last 10 years, to build the largest pattern library in the country. The other guys are still waiting for you to send it in. Other companies bend by hand or have old CNC benders. Inline Tube has 6 state-of-the-art triple head, 2000 and newer benders that are directly linked to our exclusive laser scanner. We are also the only company that has CNC equipment for manufacturing all of our cable parts and tube nuts. So whether the fittings are color coated or stainless, they will be exact to the originals. We never substitute generic fittings. We constantly offer new products for complete and accurate restorations.

Our exclusive stainless steel and OEM parking brake cables are a spiral match to the originals in every detail and specification. Other companies sell black plastic-coated cables that were never offered from the factory. Inline Tube provides specific brake and fuel line clip sets for hundreds of vehicles while others offer a handful of generic clips. We will continue to raise the bar with our latest products, new cable hardware, concourse detail tags, brake valves, tees and blocks, and other parts you need and request. Inline Tube has been dedicated to the classic car hobby for over 20 years, building and showing cars, talking with customers, and listening to what you want in a tubing company: the highest quality parts at the best price.

What is a 45 degree versus a 37 degree flare?

All factory produced automobiles use the industry standard, which is a 45 deg. double flare using one flare fitting. The double flare is stronger and needs no support sleeve. 37 deg or AN, which stands for Army/Navy standard, is used on military equipment and for non-automotive uses. When using AN on automotive components (masters, wheel cylinders), each AN fitting must be used with an adapter, a sleeve and a nut with a single flare.

What are CNC tube benders versus manual tube benders?

CNC tube benders are Computer Number Controlled machines that use numerical coordinates to make exact parts. These state-of-the-art machines produce the finest parts on the market. Every Inline Tube part made for your car is an exact reproduction of the original and our computerized process ensures that you are getting the same quality part every time. Inline Tube has 6 new CNC benders to keep high quality orders shipping daily.

Manual machines use a series of levers that are subject to human error. These levers must be pulled the same every time, with the same pressure every time, in order to produce a part. For some companies, this method of reproduction is close enough. Here at Inline Tube, the parts are our reputation and we will not settle for “almost” quality.

Will my new lines come with the correct fittings, cloth wrap and spring on them?

Yes, all Inline Tubes come completely computer preformed, with the fittings on the ends, spring wrap and cloth wrap matching the original lines. All you have to do is unbolt the old and insert the new. Original tin coated steel lines feature color coated fittings and tin coated spring wrap identical to the originals. Stainless steel lines also feature popular color coated fittings and stainless steel spring wrap. Stainless fittings are available at a slight up charge. Only Inline Tube makes every fitting type in stainless; we do not substitute generic stainless fittings on any tube. All line fitting ends are capped, guaranteeing correct fitting direction, protection and clean lines inside.

How can you help me if my car is not listed in your catalog or web site?

Although we have a physical library of over 30,000 parts, we can reproduce any line in OEM or stainless steel working from your original. If we do not have your application, we can make it custom for you. When we receive your original, we will call you with a quote. Once the quote is accepted, the new part(s) will ship within a few days. Prices for custom duplication are based off similar lines in our catalog with a slight up charge.

Do you have lines for me if I have converted my car to a dual master cylinder and disc brakes?

At Inline Tube, we make a variety of dual master disc brake conversions line sets for many popular cars and trucks. Line sets usually require our proportional valve and bracket in the system and then the lines are ready to bolt in for your conversion. Check this site or our catalog for the sets we offer.

Do I need a proportioning valve if I have converted to a dual master but have kept the drum brakes?

When converting to a dual master, no proportional valve is needed if the car is kept with all drum brakes. The system is simply separated to have independent front and back systems, so if one line should fail, the other half of the braking system will not be affected. You will need a distribution block that connects the second master cylinder line.

My car has a single master cylinder. Should I switch to a dual master?

If you are keeping the four wheel drum system, you do not need to convert to a dual master. The concern is that if you lose one line, all braking will go. The solution is stainless steel lines. They will never rust or deteriorate. When converting to a dual master, you will need a new master cylinder, a distribution block that will accept the second master cylinder line and new clips to hold the additional lines in place. When you are all done, you may affect the performance of the brakes with mismatched components, resulting in a stronger or weaker brake pedal. Brake safely with new lines from Inline Tube.

Do I need a dual master and proportioning valve if my car has been converted to disc brakes?

Yes. Disc and drum brakes require different pressures. Disc brakes require about 1000 lbs. of pressure and drum brakes use about 300 lbs. This is why the dual master requires a proportioning valve to control the pressure in the system. Whether the car is disc front or all wheel disc, a proportioning valve is required.

I am building a street rod and I am looking for a line set. Can you help?

Inline Tube makes preformed brake, fuel and transmission lines for production cars and trucks. While many disc brake conversion line sets are available, we do not have patterns for every combination. If the car has been modified, such as relocation of the master cylinder, proportioning valve or a custom rear axle, we suggest one of our straight line sets. For a complete custom car or street rod, we offer several straight line kits. These sets come with tubing, fittings, spring wrap, blocks, and clips to hold it all in place. We also can provide you with high quality tubing tools to make custom installation an easier process.

What size tube should I used for a custom job?

Typically, the smaller the tube, the more pressure it creates and the better the brake system will function. Disc brakes require about 1000 lbs. of pressure and the drums use about 300 lbs. Disc brake cars use 3/16” tubing and drum brake cars use ¼” tubing. If you are building a street rod that has front discs, the entire system is typically plumbed in 3/16” tube. All straight length tubing is available in 6' straight sections or up to 20' coiled.

What information is important to have to order from Inline Tube?

The year, make and model of the vehicle are basic essentials. Other variables include body type (hardtop or convertible, standard or extended cab, long or short bed), wheelbase, engine, transmission, drum or disc, power or manual brakes, manual or automatic (and type of automatic) transmission, suspension rating (1/2, 3/4, 1 ton). Any changes that you or a previous owner has made to the braking system and drive train are necessary to getting the correct product. Inform us on whether the vehicle is factory disc or disc conversion and the manufacturer of the kit.

What experience does Inline Tube have with show cars and award winning restorations?

The staff at Inline Tube owns and restores many high performance automobiles to winning competition level. Several of these cars have been covered in articles available on this website and in newspapers and magazines both national and local. The owners and staff at Inline Tube know first-hand the effort, difficulty and detail necessary for a show quality restoration. Inline Tube was founded on an approach of impeccable accuracy. The way we approach our product is that if we are going to put the resources and energy into making a component, we will reproduce it exactly as it came from the factory. Either OEM steel or stainless will be manufactured with all the wrap, fittings and form that were originally installed. Even details such as the cloth wrap are reproduced with the same material and tar coating of the factory part. All of this makes for components that are factory exact and perform as well or better than original.

What other products does Inline Tube offer?

Besides brake lines, brake hoses, fuel lines and transmission lines, Inline Tube provides many other braking and plumbing components. Parking brake cable sets are offered in both OEM steel and stainless. Clip sets, blocks, tees and proportioning valves are available. From complete disc brake conversion sets to specific fittings, we supply what you need. Our complete catalog and this website are good resources for our full range of products. This website can provide information and product updates. Our staff can assist you with your vehicle braking and fuel system needs. Inline Tube is a great resource for your vehicle and is a company where quality fits!

What types of products are excluded from discounts and promo codes?

All available discounts and promo codes are not applicable to disc brake conversion kits, drop-ship items, exhaust systems and previous purchases regardless or offer or source.

Can I cancel or change my order?

Our top priority is to get your purchase out quickly. Once an order is confirmed, it is immediately pushed into our fulfillment process. If you have placed your order on Friday between 4pm EST to Monday at 9am EST, the order can not be cancelled.  Weekend orders are processed for shipping on Monday.  Before you submit your order, review the contents and the total amount in your shopping cart.  Once the order is places, we are unable to make changes or cancel.      

Returns; When will I get my refund?

Return processing typically takes 3-7 business days after the package is delivered to our warehouse. After the credit is issued, your card provider may also take an additional 2-7 days to post the refund.