1999-03 Chevrolet GMC Silverado Sierra V8 (Excl. Flex Fuel & Diesel) Supply, Return, & Vapor Complete Nylon Fuel Line Kit


Inline Tube’s Nylon fuel line repair kit is manufactured to replace your original rusted out factory steel lines. Our kit is engineered for an easy install that does not require the removal of the original hard lines.



·         Fuel supply line – runs from tank to engine

·         Fuel return line – runs from tank to engine

·         Vapor emission line – runs from charcoal canister to engine

·         Fuel filter

·         Hose barb to quick disconnect fittings, zip ties, & safety tags


Instructions guide included with the kit and listed in the media tab below.

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4.42 Average

62 Reviews

Brandon H

A great, affordable repair option! Im very satisfied and will purchase again in the future if the need arises

Colton J

Exactly what I needed

Bradley H

William L

The kit was complete in every way. Excellent quality materials. Very satisfied with the product. Thanks.

Robert W

Everything on this kit fit my 2003 1500HD 6.0 truck perfectly. I spent more time removing all of the old lines than installing the entire kit. I was doing a mini restoration so I had the box off which made everything much easier. This has nothing to do with the kit but be prepared to maybe have to replace the fuel lines coming off from the fuel pump. My original steel lines were rusted to the point that I could not remove the pump lines without wrecking them. If you do not live in the rust belt you will probably be fine.

Ron F

Easy to use, perfect solution to rusted/rotted fuel lines. Took longer to remove original connections than rest of installation. Only thing I would suggest, include the clip inserts for the quick connect fittings. Had to get some at the local parts store.

Robert P

Great fit. Easy installation. Fixed the rotted out fuel lines fast and simple.

janice w

Excellent product. Exact fit and easy install. Everything you need is in the kit.

Ben S

Very nice kit !

Robert W

Overall this kit was the soup to nuts for replacing the original fuel lines on my Sierra 2500. I pulled the original lines and followed the original path for the most part. I did not like the transition from the frame rail to the path up the bell housing so I bought 2 sets of 90 degree inline connectors and that worked great.

Kirk C

Worked very very nice I like it a lot

Richard C

Very easy to work with , Highly recommended for replacing rusty old lines .

Thomas H

The only problem I had was the fuel and return lines at the intake , were screw on lines. Had to rig it up.

Mike W

Great fit. Easy install. A bit pricey.

Dustin R

Dave B

Very easy, just whacked a few old rusty lines, (to get them out of the way), installed the supplied new quick connects, snaked the lines to where they go, unhook and hook up, then fired that mother up.

Frank S

best fuel line kit available

David K

Everything work well shipping was on time thanks

Hal L

Kit fit perfectly. Rep knew exactly what was needed. Shipped quickly.

Daryl D

I would have much rather had the proper tools for removing the original high pressure and return lines where they connect at the engine instead of having the extra fittings that I did not need for the installation . Other than that, the kit was simple enough to install and I had no fuel leaks upon startup.


Easy to install. Need better illustrations on installation

Steve H

Saved hundreds of dollars doing it myself as opposed to the quotes from repair facilities. Works great, I would recommend including the lines connected to the gas tank had to buy them separately as the steel line was impossible to get out of them. Also add to the instructions that when using the push connectors the line needs to be deburred with sand paper or the connectors leak. Otherwise great kit and highly recommended !

Thomas A

the only problem was that the last truck had screw type fittings for the fuel and return lines . But it was easily fitted to your lines . The 03 Silverado fittings all fit right together .

Thomas A

everything snapped right together . easy and fast

Antonio W

Love the easy installation & well marked parts and instructions

David W

Only took 45 minutes to install very easy

Charles B

Your product is top notch as always. My only complaint is that you shipped it USPS 2 day priority Mail. It took all most 2 weeks to arrive. That was time that I could not use my truck.

Bill L

A little pricey for what you get but it has plenty of spare tube and fittings in case you need to customize your install. Its a very complete kit and saves you the hassle of piecing it together. Well done

William J

Very easy to install. Shipped within 7 business days. Very satisfied with this product. Will purchase future products from Inline Tube!

david a

Great product. By far the easiest to install for fuel lines and everything is included. Awesome shipping delivered fast!!... Only reason for not putting an excellent star was cause the one nylon clamp on supply line wasnt all the way clamped and a week after i installed the kit it developed a small leak. Fixed in about 10 mins. Other then that awesome kit. Thank you inline tube got me back up qnd running in no time! Will always do business this company!