1968-1972 GM Seat Belt Tags/Labels Custom Date Code & Manufacture


This set of CUSTOM MADE seat belt tags, found on the end of each belt, is for all A & F-bodies from 1968-1972. This set contains enough to do your car's bench or bucket seats. After years of exposure in your interior, they are wrinkled, ripped, stained, missing, and yellow. Now you can replace them. This set is for the date code you choose, e.g., "13-K-69," which is the 13th week of 1969 from belt assembly line K, so about the first week in March. Since the seat belts are dated three months before the car's build date, this example tag would work for cars produced from December to March. Sometimes, there were different date codes in the same set, but this set will be all the same date. There were also many manufacturers, Robbins, General Safety, DAAL, Irvin, Irving, BAY TRIM, and others. The tags also changed from year to year and manufacturer to manufacturer, and each manufacturer had a different part number and sometimes a different shape tag.

These are made exactly to the original and printed on a white, tear-resistant, water-resistant material. These custom tags will last as long as the originals. These small items separate the first place cars from the rest. 

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