Darlene Kryta's Email to Channel 7 News - July, 2003

While digging through the archives this week we uncovered an email sent to WXYZ-TV Channel 7 in 2003 hoping to get some press in the early days. We might have left the Kryta's garage but we are still family owned and operated!

"During the past Woodward Cruises, I have seen stories about local metro Detroiters and their classic vehicles and connections to cruising on Channel 7’s coverage. I would like to share with you a story about 2 individuals whose work, hobby, and passion are classic cars that began when they were about 5 years old.

John and James Kryta, now 34 years old, are identical twin brothers who grew up fascinated with cars. From their earliest age they began building models of the 60s muscles cars. Coming to driving age in the mid 80’s, most teenagers were getting ‘84 Cavalier hand me downs. If you had the money to buy a new car it would have been a ’86 Monte SS or Grand National, if you had to settle for an older car, it would be a ‘78-’81 Z28 or Trans Am. None of these cars had horsepower that was matched to a GTO, Chevelle, or 442. So, their first cars at 16 were a ‘69 GTO and a ‘71 442. Their high school days were filled with cruising, drag racing and not nearly enough gas money. But as high school ended, more practical cars were needed to take them to college, the cars were parked.
College brought careers in other fields that separated the brothers in different cities, and the cars now took backstage as a hobby. On the occasional weekend and vacation the twins would reunite and go to car shows and swap meets. While living separately, the cars were a hobby, but when they reunited the passion for the cars they built as models would ignite good memories and they would be off to a car show.

Living separately in different areas of the country, they wanted to return to living near each other and job opportunities were not making it possible. They used their career skills to create a company that allowed them to live in the same city and enjoy their hobby as a career. They started Inline Tube Inc. out of a 2-car garage 10 years ago. The company manufactures replacement parts for the cars they loved from the 60’s and 70’s. They were now working together 60-70 hours a week promoting the business through local cruise nights, car shows, swap meets, and magazine publications. Help was needed and their younger brother, Alan, joined the team.

Now they were together, the business was growing; it was time to restore the cars they had bought when they were 16. These 2 cars can be seen at the local cruise nights, car shows, and the Detroit Autorama. John has a 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge and James has a 1971 Oldsmobile 442 W-30.

As the business grows so does the passion and both now currently have 5 classic cars each. Their enthusiasm for the cars is remarkable and sometimes out of control, but as John’s wife, I am proud of the accomplishments they both make daily, and happy they have turned their passion into a successful business.

Darlene Kryta"