Inline Tube Custom Duplication



Inline Tube can duplicate brake lines, fuel lines, transmission lines, parking brake cables, hoses, rubber to hard line fuel injection assemblies and many other factory fluid transfer parts.

If you do not see your application among our thousands of items, we can use your originals as patterns to custom duplicate new components. Before sending in any parts, check our online catalog or call us at (800) 385-9452 to make sure your car or truck is not already listed.

Brake, Fuel, and Transmission Line Duplication

Brake and fuel line custom duplication requires you to send in original lines. All original lines are computer scanned and downloaded to one of our 6 CNC benders for exact duplication. When removing the original lines from your vehicle, be careful not to bend or distort the part. The reproduced part is only as good as the original. If there is an unwanted bend in the original, it may be duplicated in the reproduction. Clean lines and fittings of all grease, dirt and fluids. This will speed up production and increase accuracy. We must have the entire part to make a new one, so if a fitting is broken off, include it and attach it to your original. With over 50 fittings to choose from, we can easily replace your old ones. If you are building a custom car or a street rod we can duplicate from your wire form patterns. We will take out all the wavy unwanted bends and provide a clean crisp preformed set of lines. Make sure to note the end fitting sizes and any other special information.  We can also make lines from wire forms,  CAD data, LRA data, PLB data or blueprints.

The easiest way to ship us your original lines is to go to your local Wal-Mart or bicycle shop and ask for a bicycle box. This box fits all UPS/Federal Express shipping requirements and is the perfect size to ship brake lines. For lines longer than the box, first mark the line along its length where you will make your cut. Then cut on an angle with a pair of side cut pliers through the marking line in 2 pieces and label accordingly. If the original line is rusty, scribe a horizontal line on the tube before cutting to serve as a match line.

Parking Brake Cable Duplication 

Factory original parking brake cable custom duplication requires you to send in the original cables. Inline Tube can manufacture most cables from the 50s to current models. We have the capabilities to duplicate your parts so your cable will be exact to the factory original. Inline Tube can also provide cables shortened or lengthened for modified vehicles without having an original sent if we have that particular blue print on file. We can extend cables for lifted trucks or change the length of any cable you need. Custom cables can also be made for rear brake modifications. Sorry, we do not make cables for mechanical brakes from the 1920s or 1930s or industrial or construction equipment. 

Inline Tube specializes in making original replacement parts for classic cars, so our part will always be as close as possible to the factory original. We do not use non-OE plastic coated cable sheaths or make "function only parts". Our part will both work and look like the original.

Custom Stainless Braided Brake Hoses

Inline Tube can make just about any custom brake hose out of stainless braided material. Our stainless steel braided hoses are available with either a clear cover that shows the braiding or a black cover that provides an OE look from a distance. In most cases, we do not need the original brake hose to create your custom brake hose. Provide the overall length of the brake hose that you require, the size of the fitting that attaches at the brake line and the fitting size at the caliper. If you do not know this information, simply send in the original. It is not recommended to run long lengths of braided hose in place of hard brake line. Hoses should be kept as short as possible. The more braided hose in the system, the softer the brake pedal becomes. All hose expands with pressure where hard line does not, and excessive hose decreases the braking efficiency of the vehicle.

Metal to Rubber Connections 

In some cases, lines are attached directly to flexible hose connections. These applications include: fuel injection, crate motor installation, power steering, and army/navy connections. Inline Tube can duplicate any fuel injection line that has metal to rubber connections. We also manufacture all the parts and fittings to make any custom application. If you are connecting to o-ring, pipe thread, inverted flare, or AN (Army/Navy), we can make a custom line for you. To make your custom part, provide the original part or a drawing of what you need.

Pricing and Mailing

When sending parts to Inline Tube, you must call ahead to receive a quote number from the sales department. Any package received without a quote number will be refused by our shipping department and sent back to the original sender. Please remember to include your name, phone number, and a description of your vehicle. Please note the provided quote number and CUSTOM DUPLICATION on the box so we can separate these boxes from other incoming freight. Send to:


Inline Tube - Custom Duplication
Quote #
15066 Technology Drive
Shelby Twp, MI  48315


Custom duplication is usually 20-25 percent more than similar products for cars & trucks listed in our catalog and takes longer than our normal 24-48 hour ship time.