DIY & Street Rod

DIY Brake Components

Proportioning valves are used in disc/drum brake systems to provide the correct pressure for front disc and rear drums. Inline Tube stocks various adjustable proportioning valves depending on the car you have and modifications to the braking system.  We also carry a selection of residual valves to help eliminate that spongy pedal feel. Planning a disc brake conversion? The knowledgeable support staff at Inline Tube can help you determine the best conversion configuration for your vehicle. Select from products such as our brake boosters which are great for 4 wheel disc brake cars, tall valve cover clearance for power brakes and street rod applications. Available in chrome, zinc and black finishes.

Stainless Braided Hoses

Inline Tube power braid hoses can be made for any application and can be made longer or shorter than stock for any caliper or disc brake conversion. Whether you are making a brake upgrade or just doing necessary maintenance, stainless hoses will increase the performance of your braking system. Power Braid incorporates a special design for high strength and minimal volumetric expansion. It starts with a Teflon core which is wrapped in a Kevlar braid, followed by an elastomer barrier. It is then strengthened further by the outer stainless steel braid.The Department of Transportation (D.O.T) has developed a set of standards (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard), to which all flexible hoses must perform without failing under extreme conditions. In order to be certified, the hose must pass the "whip" test. Power Braid hoses have outstanding longevity under testing conditions and surpass D.O.T requirements. Available in both clear coating that shows the braiding or a black coating that provides a more stock-looking appearance. Street rods and special applications can be custom made as well. Just provide us with the length of the hose, caliper type and brake line size and your custom hoses will be delivered a few days later. 

Straight Line Sets

Inline Tube sells all the materials to "do it yourself". Although we have thousands of preformed applications ready to be bolted on, this may not work for a modified car or truck. When restoring a classic, a preformed set is the way to go, but heavy modifications or unusual cars require the right materials to make the necessary changes. Inline Tube offers all the tube, fittings, spring wrap and valves to get the job done the first time in complete set ready to go. Straight sets are designed for production car plumbing on a non-factory application. 


Tubing Flare Tools & Tubing Benders - Inline Tube offers the finest American made tubing tools available. Whether plumbing a weekend job or for everyday use, these tools are the professionals' choice. They are the same tools we use in our shop and garages. What sets these tools apart from the rest is the heavy duty construction that is needed to get your plumbing job done right.

Adapters, Fittings & Tube Nuts

Inline Tube manufactures over 60 different fitting sizes in both color plated finishes and stainless steel varieties as well as AN fittings, hose fittings, adapters, tees and unions. We have everything you need to complete you DIY or Street Rod brake plumbing project.


Only Inline Tube has the buying power to order the quantity of tube that is required to specify grade and softness. Our tube is factory softened from the mill, which means your tools will perform the same when bending OE steel or stainless. All other tube companies use a general off-the-shelf grade of a much harder specification. There is a difference. At Inline Tube we bend over a million feet of tube each year so you rely upon our expertise in delivering you the very best product.