Brake Products

Brake Clips & Clamps

Inline Tube's brake & fuel line clip sets save you time and money. When installing a set of Inline Tubes on your classic, don't hassle with rusty or broken brake and fuel line clips. Inline Tube has reproduced over 80 different, hard to find, clips. All these clips are made identical to the factory originals with the correct thickness metal and the exact detail you have come to expect from Inline Tube products. For select cars and trucks, we have put together complete factory clip sets so that you can find your application without knowing every individual piece. If we don't have the clips for your application, we offer a general clip kit. When you buy a clip set, you can be assured it will be all the clips you need to install your new lines, including the bolts. Other companies sell basic, generic and function-only clips. We know nothing fits like an original, so that is what we offer. Inline Tube is the only line company that manufactures and offers clip sets to go with your preformed line set. All our clips are made to factory OEM specifications and come in many sizes, shapes and styles. We manufacture clips for all GM, Ford & Mopar models and if you are plumbing a street rod or custom, we manufacture stainless clips that will fit all the standard tubing sizes.

Drum Brakes

Inline Tube carries all the components to get your drum brakes working like new again. We carry everything from the drums to the wheel cylinders, down to every piece to make the system complete. All pieces are available separate, or buy a kit that has it all.

Parking Brake Cables

An Inline Tube Exclusive - we do not sell function-only or cheap black plastic coated cables. Our customers get the best factory-correct cables on the market, with a spiral housing, rubber dust boots and correct ends, all identical to the factory originals. Don't settle for the other guys' cheap 'replacement' plastic cables. Inline tube is the only company that manufactures cables to the exact factory originals in both OEM authentic tin-coated steel or premium grade stainless steel. Our sets come compete with all the mounting hardware, hooks, clips and detailed installation instructions. It is the way it should be - correct and complete. The entire assembly from end to end is fabricated in only the highest quality materials, paying close attention to all cable bulk heads, spring wrap housing, wire stops and rubber parts to ensure they are identical to the original OEM specifications.

Proportioning Valves & Master Cylinders

Proportioning valves come in various shapes and sizes depending on the car you have and modifications to the braking system. Proportioning valves are used in disc/drum brake systems to provide the correct pressure for front disc and rear drums. Four wheel disc valves are also available. Both valves and distribution blocks available. The first year for disc brakes on GM and Chrysler products was 1967, Ford was 1966. All American cars built prior to this had four wheel drum brakes. Disc brakes were introduced as an option from 1967-1972. Starting in the 1973 model year, front disc brakes were primarily standard and front drums were rarely available. The dual master cylinder that separates the front and rear braking systems was introduced and standard on all cars in 1967. Therefore, all 1967 and newer cars came with dual master cylinders from the factory. Disc brakes require over three times the line pressure of drums, so the master was divided to provide pressure to the front and rear separately. This also meant that if a front line blew out the car would still have pressure to the rear brakes and vice versa.

Rubber Flex Brake Hoses

Inline Tube stocks hundreds of OEM rubber flex hose applications. All of these hoses are made to factory specifications and are identical to the originals. All hoses are DOT and SAE approved- in stock and ready to ship. If you are working on a concourse or factory restoration, these hoses will be a great compliment to Inline Tube's brake and fuel lines. Stainless braided hoses are also available.

All rubber flex hoses are made exact to the original. Original hoses over time will dry rot and crack, making an unsafe brake condition. To verify the condition of your hose, bend it in a tight 180. If there are any signs of cracking, the hose is no longer good. If the hose leaves a black powder or stain on your hand, it also needs to be replaced. If you do not see your vehicle application listed, please consult with our tech support department to identify the correct hose.