1969 Pontiac GTO Single Piston Manual Disc Brake Conversion Kit

DBK6903 - 69 Pontiac A-Body Manual Disc Brake Conversion Kit - $625.00
This kit is for cars converting to disc brakes that are concerned with stock appearing components. This is the most stock appearing kit on the market. It features the correct bleeder master cylinder, hold-off valve at master and the correct frame mount distribution block. Once the kit is installed, even the purest will not be able to tell it from factory. The master cylinder lines route the same as the originals, and the correct valve allows you to use the rest of your factory existing lines. This kit has everything you will need for your conversion. It even comes with the rubber flex hose frame mounts and bolts. This is truly the most complete kit on the market.

Some companies say they have a complete kit, but where are the frame brackets, flex hoses, hard brake lines, vacuum hose, and prop valve? All other kits on the market have you making up your own lines and fabricating pieces just to get the kit to work. NOT ANYMORE. While the other guys leave you hanging with generic parts, we included it all, right down to the plumbing. Here at Inline Tube, we work on our own cars and want the same thing you do - a complete kit with all the pieces that installs in a few hours.

Complete Kit Includes (All New Parts): Spindles with Bearing and Seals, Rotors, Backing Plates, Loaded Calipers with Pads, Caliper Brackets, Bleeder Master Cylinder, Master Hold-Off Valve, Frame Distribution Block with Mounting Bracket, 3pc Master Cylinder Brake Lines, Brake Hoses with Banjo Bolts and Crush Washers, Frame Brackets and Bolts, and Installation Instructions. These are all brand new parts! 

More Details - Our factory style disc brake conversions are based off all factory components. Disc brakes was an option in 1969-68 and if you ordered them this is what they would look like. The master cylinder is the 1967-69 disc brake bleeder master cylinder. The master has the hold-off valve off the stud of the master cylinder. The prop valve mounts in the same location as the factory on the bracket down on the frame and is separated into front and rear. By having these valves in the right location, it allows you to reuse your existing right & left front and front to rear brake lines. The lower wheel kit is 1969-72 A-Body using the improved single piston caliper. The single piston caliper, new for 1969 proved to be a problem free caliper with superior design. All the components are stock, so 20 years from now if you have to replace the brake pads, they will be available.

Some companies use the brass 5 port valve, but this valve is mounted up at the master cylinder. No A-Body valve was ever mounted at the master. You also have to make all new lines that do not look factory because of the placement and the amount of ports in the valve. Other companies supply only the adjustable valve, and since there is no distribution block, there is no way to separate the front system from the rear except to cut up your lines and try to make something work. Most other companies supply smooth boosters and generic master cylinders so the kit price can be reduced. Our kit also uses the correct standard 7/16"-20 caliper, not a late model metric caliper, so when you mount the brake hose it screws right in with no adapter. We also provide the right length brake hose and the frame mounting brackets so your hose will hook up with no washers, adapters or generic parts. Not all disc brakes are the same! With the prices of stock muscle cars at an all time high, the more stock and correct the car is, the higher the return on your investment.

All 1964-66 GM cars had a single master with drum brakes. 1967 was the first year for disc brakes, but they used dual piston calipers. 1968 was the last year of the dual piston caliper. 1969-74 all used the improved design single piston caliper. This disc brake conversion uses the improved single piston caliper.  All cars before 1967 had no proportioning valve, just a distribution block on the frame. 1967 factory disc brake cars also had a distribution block, but it worked in conjunction with a barrel-shaped hold valve that hung off the stud of the master cylinder making this a two part valve. In 1971, a new one piece improved design was implemented and this valve was not succeeded until 1986.

All conversions use factory components so they will work with stock 14" wheels.

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Pieces of the Kit:

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1968-69 A-Body Chevelle / GTO / 442 / GS Hold-Off Valve
Factory Front Disc - Rear Drums
Comes complete with bracket
68-69 A-Body Distribution Block ( GTO / Skylark / Cutlass)        
 Mounted on the driver frame rail of all drum and disc cars



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67-69 GM F-Body Camaro, 68-74 X-Body Nova - Master Cylinder
67-72 GM A/F/X-Body Dual M/C - for Disc Brakes - w/Bleeders
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1967-72 GM 11" Exact Delco Booster, with Delco Stamp
1967-72 GM 11" Exact Delco Booster, without Delco Stamp
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Backing Plates Pair - Single piston
Caliper Brackets Pair - Single piston
Spindles Pair
Spindle, Caliper Bracket and Backing Plate - Pair
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Calipers with Pads and Caliper Bolts (Loaded), Each
Rotors, Each
Rubber Flex Hoses - with Bolts and U Clips
Stainless Braided Hoses Front Pair with Bolts
Complete Lower Disc Kit - Spindle, Caliper, Rotor, Hoses