1964 - 67 GM A-Body - Chevelle / GTO / 442 / Gran Sport Disc Brake Conversion

DBK6407 1964-67 A-Body Power Disc Brake Conversion Kit (Chevelle / GTO / 442 / GS) - $675.00

This is the industry standard conversion kit. This kit is for 64-67 GM A-body cars converting to disc brakes. The kit features 11" Delco booster just like the factory, a brass disc / drum proportioning valve mounted on a bracket that hangs off the stud of the booster.  This keeps the valve away from exhaust heat. Hard brake lines are provided from the master cylinder to the proportioning valve. The lower kit features the later single piston caliper that proved to be a problem free caliper. The spindle, backing plate and caliper bracket are all stock components so your 14" rims and tires will clear the caliper. This kit comes complete with everything you will need to put disc brakes on your classic. Various upgrades are also listed below.

We have set the industry standard on disc brake conversions kits - while others give you generic parts we supply the factory correct stuff at no extra charge. Others have a smooth generic booster and master - ours is a delco booster and bleeder master cylinder.  Others say they offer a kit for 14" wheels until the parts rub on the rims - Our kits work with 14" wheels.  Others say you get all the parts until you go to put it on the car and are missing the valve, hoses or hardware - We do provide all the parts. Others have trade names or company logos largely stamped all over the parts - Our parts are just like the factory, neat and clean. 

Complete Inline Tube Standard Kit Includes (all new parts): Rotors, Backing Plates, Spindles, Calipers and Pads, Caliper Brackets, 11" or 9" Delco Style Booster with master pin and clevis, Correct Bleeder Master Cylinder, Brass Disc / Drum Valve / Bracket & Master Cylinder Lines, Brake Hoses / Banjo Bolts & Crush Washers, Bearings / Seals & Dust Caps , And all the Miscellaneous Hardware with Installation Instructions - Everything you see above. These are all brand new parts! 

All 1964-66 GM cars had a single master with drum brakes. 1967 was the first year for disc brakes, but they used dual piston calipers. 1968 was the last year of the dual piston caliper. 1969-74 all used the improved design single piston caliper. This disc brake conversion uses the improved single piston caliper.  All cars before 1967 had no proportioning valve, just a distribution block on the frame. 1967 factory disc brake cars also had a distribution block but it worked in conjunction with a barrel-shaped hold valve that hung off the stud of the master cylinder making this a two part valve. In 1971, a new one piece improved design was implemented and this valve was not succeeded until 1986. This new style disc drum valve is what is included in this conversion kit.  

This disc brake conversion will fit all the 1964-67 GM A-Body cars. This includes: 1964-67 GTO / Lemans / Tempest / Chevelle / El Camino / Skylark / Gran Sport / Cutlass / 442 / F-85. 

Upgrades for Above Kits:
Stamped Delco Exact Original 11" Booster - $40.00
Stainless Braided Flex Hoses - $25.00
Complete Disc Brake Conversion Hard Line Set - $150.00 Stainless
Complete Disc Brake Conversion Hard Line Set - $125.00 OEM Tin Steel
Proportioning Valve for 4 Wheel Disc - $14.00
Dual Brass block with adjustable valve and Master lines - $49.00
Brake Hose to Frame Mount Brackets - $20.00