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1964-65 GM A-Body - Chevelle / GTO / 442 / Gran Sport Dual Master Conversion Kit

DBK6403 - 64-65 A-Body Dual Master Conversion with Tee, Lines - Manual Brakes   $145.00

Complete Kit Includes (All New Parts): Dual Drum Master Cylinder, Preformed Master Cylinder Brake Lines, Brass Dual Distribution Block.

This kit is designed to convert your single master cylinder A-Body to a dual master cylinder. The dual master will break up the system into front and rear, which provides twice the amount of safety. If one of the components was to fail, it would leave either front or rear brakes operational. This kit provides all the pieces to convert the car. There is no welding, modifications, or even line bending required. This kit even provides the brass dual distribution block that bolts in the factory location so your existing lines will work. If you have always wanted to add safety to your system without converting to disc brakes or having the components look out of place, this is the kit for you. If you want to convert to disc brakes in the future, the master would have to be switched out but all other components are the same.


Pieces of the Kit:

MBU600         64-66 Dual Drum Master Cylinder                                  $79.00
BLK102LM     64-65 A-Body Dual Tee & Lines - Manual Brakes       $69.00
BLK102          64-65 Brass Dual Tee                                                       $35.00

All 1964-66 GM cars had drum brakes. The only option was power or manual brakes. 1967 was the first year for disc brakes and the dual master.  All cars before 1967 had no proportioning valve, just single master and a distribution block on the frame. 1967 factory disc brake cars also had a distribution block, but it worked in conjunction with a barrel-shaped hold valve that hung off the stud of the master cylinder making this a two part valve.