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Street Rod Plumbing  & Supplies -
Inline Tube sells all the materials to
When plumbing your street rod, Inline Tube makes it clean, simple, cost effective and offers all the tube, fittings, spring wrap, and valves to get the job done the first time. 

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In-house Plumbing & CNC Bending for Street Rods

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Custom Cables


Master Cylinders, Tubing & Spring Wrap

When you order Inline Tubes, they ship out within 24 hours and are at your doorstep in a matter of a few days.

Our straight line sets are designed for the street rod builder who is plumbing a non- factory application. For plumbing supplies for standard production vehicles, please see the straight length section. Many of the items are the same but this section is for the street rod builder.

45 degree is standard automotive spec. It requires a double flare to rest on the seat of each component. Brake lines on all production cars and trucks used a 45 degree double flare. 37 degree A/N is Army Navy standard and was never used on production vehicles. A/N is used on military equipment and has a single flare which requires a support sleeve.

45 Degree Straight Line Sets
Through Frame and Bracketed Sets


-AN Straight Line Sets
Through Frame and Bracketed Sets

Fuel, Transmission & Carburetor Plumbing




Adjustable, Proportioning, and Residual Valves




Through Frame, 3/16", Master, Prop Valve, Nuts and Sleeves, Compression


Adapters, Unions, Switches, Tees & Elbows

Pipe & Threaded adapters
Brake Light Switches, Tees & Elbows


Brackets, Tabs, Clamps & Clips

Sets, Pipe Brackets, Line Clamps

Now Available, Chrome Parts:

Chrome Masters & Booster

                                            CMC02                                                    CMC01                    
                BOT08                                        PR120                                            PR121

Part Description


CMC02 1964-79 GM Chrome Disc Brake Master Cylinder With Flat Top $79.00
CMC04 1964-1979 GM Chrome Disc Brake Master Cylinder With Flat Top $79.00
CMC01 1964-1979 GM Chrome Disc Brake Master Cylinder $79.00
CMC03 1964-1979 GM Chrome Disc Brake Master Cylinder $79.00
PR120 1964-1981 GM Chrome Disc/Drum Proportioning Valve $89.00
PR121 1964-1981 GM Chrome Disc/Disc Proportioning Valve $89.00
BOT08 1964-1972 GM A-body, 1967-1969 F-body and 1968-1974 X-body 11" Chrome Power Brake Booster with Delco Stamp $149.00
BOT09 1964-1966 GM A-body Chevrolet Chevelle, Pontiac GTO, Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 and Buick GS 9" Chrome Power Brake Booster $149.00

Street Rod Plumbing Catalog
Inline Tube's latest street rod plumbing catalog has everything you need to complete your custom plumbing job. The catalog covers hard line kits in both 45 and 37 degree flares, with close attention to all the necessary plumbing products: stainless hoses, clamps, valves, tools, fittings, brackets, tubing and much more. Your catalog is free with a call to (586) 532-1338 8:00am - 7:00pm EST or simply order online right from this site.

           Updated 01/05/2011

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