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Inline tube Exclusive Stainless Steel Replacement Brake & Fuel lines:
1995 to 1998 & 1999 New Body Style to  2012, Chevrolet, GMC Truck, SUV

Chevy Silverado /  GMC Sierra / 1500 - 2500 - 3500
Chevy Suburban - Avalanche / GMC Yukon XL / Chevy Tahoe / GMC Yukon / Cadillac Escalade

View news video on NHSTA investigation


Imperative upgrade for YOUR Chevrolet or GMC vehicle
In 2010 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Office of Defects Investigation began looking at corrosion problems with GM vehicles brake lines, as reported from many vehicle owners.  The brake lines on these vehicles have been reported to rust out and fail.  The corrosion can happen suddenly which would mean significant loss of stopping ability. The vehicle could take a greater distance to stop, and in some cases would drastically reduce the ability to use the brakes.  Check your vehicle today by looking under the drivers side door frame rail for rusted parts on your line. This area is usually the worst failure point due to splash and spray coming off the front tire.   

Inline tube has a permanent solution to this problem:
Direct replacement for these affected vehicles. 
Replacement lines are made of stainless steel, which will not readily corrode or rust from exposure to road salt and elements. 
Inline tube's Preformed lines will provide correct fitment and will bolt right up to the vehicle.
Installation requires no component removal and routes around all existing components for easy install.  
The stainless upgrade will provide a lifelong solution and offers permanent peace of mind in brake vehicle safety.   

When it comes to replacing lines for your 1995-2012 GM vehicle there are many options for line routing, fortunately Inline Tube is here to help. We are the only manufacturer of preformed lines that will walk you through determining which lines are right for your truck.   Replace your rusty old lines with Inline tubes preformed brake line kit.

***Note: Double check the location of your ABS module, if it is located in the engine compartment; the following terminology does not apply***

Read the explanations below; click on your vehicle options and it will lead you to the correct part number.

ALL NEW: Have your part number? Order online from Inline tube's Chevy Truck Ecommerce site:
or select your cab style and components below to link to the add to cart site from the correct part number. 

Regular Cab Extended Cab

Crew Cab

"Inside of Frame" or "Outside of Frame":

The ABS module on your GM truck is mounted inside of the frame on the driver's side. This is an important safety feature, so we want to make sure that the lines going into and coming out are exactly the right pattern.
                                                Inside of Frame                                                                                                                            Outside of Frame

Front Lines are in "Front of" or "Middle of" A-Arm:

There are two options for front line placement; in front of the upper control arm, toward the grill/bumper on HD trucks or in the middle of the upper control arm, just behind the shock for Non-HD.
                              Front of A-Arm (HD Vehicles)                                                                            Middle of A-Arm (Non-HD Vehicles)

Rear Axle "Tee on Axle" or "Tee on Differential":
The rear axle tee is where the front to rear brake line attaches to the left and right rear axle lines with the help of the drop hose. The location of the tee plays a key part in determining the length of both the left and right rear lines. If the tee is on the tube, then it will be on the driver's side of the axle; if the tee is on the differential, it will be located on a bracket near the differential.
                                           Tee On Axle                                                                                                     Tee On Differential

"Hard Line" or "Flex Line" from the Master Cylinder*:
On 2003 and newer model years some trucks came equipped with a proportioning valve located in line with the main two lines coming from the master cylinder in conjunction with the ABS module. To determine if you have this valve, just follow the two lines from the master cylinder; if the valve is in place, you will notice two sections of flexible braided hose going into and coming out of the 4 port valve.

                                             Flex Line From Master

All lines come preformed; pre-bent brake lines for your Silverado truck, GMC Sierra truck, GMC pickup truck and other Chevy trucks, replaced your rusted out brake lines with Inline tubes.

We are always scanning brake, fuel and transmission lines. If you do not see your application, call for an updated listing.
For bending your own lines, see the straight length section.
All of our preformed lines are manufactured with computer precision on our state-of-the-art CNC tube benders.
With our exclusive computer controlled laser scanner all lines are reproduced with uncompromising accuracy.
When you order Inline Tubes, they ship out within 24 hours and are at your doorstep in a matter of a few days.

All lines come completely preformed with correct fittings on the ends and spring wrap identical to the factory original lines. To Upgrade your fittings to stainless steel use the part numbers below: