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An Inline Tube Exclusive - We do not sell function-only or cheap black plastic coated cables. Our customers get the best factory-correct cables on the market, with a spiral housing, rubber dust boots and correct ends, all identical to the factory originals. Don't settle for the other guys' cheap "replacement" plastic cables.  Only one company manufactures cables exact to the factory originals in both authentic tin-coated steel or premium grade stainless steel - Inline Tube. Our sets come complete with all the mounting hardware, hooks, clips and detailed installation instructions. It is the way it should be - correct and complete.

Inline Tube is your exclusive source for Stainless or OEM Steel parking brake cables.  All cables are identical to the original OEM specifications.  The entire assembly from end to end is fabricated in only the highest quality materials, paying close attention to all cable bulk heads, spring wrap housing, wire stops and rubber parts to ensure they are identical to the original OEM specifications

Inline Tube manufactures all the parts that will be needed to reproduce your classic car or truck cables with exact detail. Above is a small sample of the parts that are used on the older cars. Inline Tube makes thousands of cables, our complete listing is below. 
If you do not see your listing, please call our sales desk at 586-532-1338.

We can make reproduce cables from any American car or truck and make custom cables, click here for details.

OEM Tin & Stainless Steel Parking Brake Cables - General Pricing

Cable Parts
Complete Brake Cable Sets
Front Cable
Intermediate Cable
Rear Cables



Complete sets include:  Front cable, 2 rear cables, inter cable, connectors, equalizer, clips and hooks if required.

Cable Applications

Inline Tube has compiled a list of all the popular applications we make cables for.  We have many cables that we do not list and receive many new cables in each week,
so if you do not see your application, please call.  If we do not have your application, we can make it custom for your car. Call for details.


Buick  - Skylark, Grand National

Buick  - Full Size

Chevrolet - Chevelle - Camaro - Nova - Monte - Corvette

Chevrolet Full Size

Chevy / GMC Truck

Oldsmobile  - Cutlass, 442

Oldsmobile - Full Size

Pontiac  - GTO, Firebird, Trans Am

Pontiac  - Full Size



Ford  / Mercury - Mustang - Cougar

Ford  - Full Size / Mercury - Full Size / Ford Truck

Other American Makes

Parking Brake Cable Hardware GM

Exclusive Inline Tube Cable Parts

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1962-82 Factory Correct Round Hole Connector
1962-81 Factory Correct Black Equalizer
1962-81 Factory Correct Parking Brake Cable Clip

Cable Short End Rubber Dust Boot
Cable Round Donut Backing Plate Boot
Long Ribbed Rubber Dust Boot
Long Smooth Rubber Dust Boot 

64-72 GM A-body Rear Control Arm Hooks
1962-81 Factory Correct Front Parking Brake Cable Clip
Parking brake cable hold down clamp
64-72 GM A-body Floor Pan Hook S shape
64-72 GM A-body Floor Pan Hook C shape
64-66 GTO, Tempest, Lemans Floor Pan Hook
70-81 F-body Camaro / Firebird
70-74 F-body Tension Spring
70-74 Factory Correct Cable Hook
70-81 Factory Correct Cable Brackets
1969 Camaro Brake Cable Brackets
used to connect 2 cables together
used on front cable for adjustment
used to hold rear cables into frame

used on end of rear cables
used on backing plate end of cable
used on Impala, Chevy Truck, Corvette
used on late corvette and Chevy Truck

used to keep cable out of suspension
used to hold the front cable in the frame
used on some cables to hold out of way
used to hold cable from exhaust
used to hold cable from exhaust
used to hold cable from exhaust

used to recoil the front cable
used to hold cable under car
used to hold cables at rear uni-body
used to hold rear cables at rear leaf


$4.00 ea

$5.00 ea
$4.00 ea


Mopar Brake Cable Hardware - Inline Tube Exclusive

Exclusive Inline Tube Mopar Cable Parts

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70-74 E-Body Center Cross Mount Hook
70-74 E-Body Large Threaded Adjustment Hook  
67-74 A-Body Large Threaded Hook

Mopar Connector - All Cars with Intermediate
Mopar Cable Guide - All Cars with Intermediate
Mopar Equalizer - All Cars No Intermediate
Mopar Equalizer - All Cars with Intermediate

Mopar Cable Clip - All Cars with Intermediate
Mopar Front Cable Collar Clip

Cable Round Donut Backing Plate Boot
Front Parking Brake Cable Rubber grommet
71 Cuda - Challenger Front Cable Guide
used to hold the center cable at cross mt.
used to adjust the system
used to adjust the system

used to connect 2 cables together
used on front cable to guide center cable
used to adjust system on front cable
used to adjust system on front cable

used to hold the front cable in.
used to hold the front cable in the frame

used on backing plate end of cable
used on front cable in inner fender.
used to hold the front cable to the center




$12.50 ea

Inline Tube is proud to introduce more factory correct cable parts. These are exact reproductions of the originals. They are the correct size, shape and thickness. These parts have been long discontinued from Mopar dealers and unavailable until now. The original long hooks typically rust, making adjustment impossible. Guides and equalizers are often missing when the system goes out of adjustment. Now you can get the system working again with exact fitting parking brake cables and the hardware to make it function. All parking brake cable sets come complete with this hardware.

Production Cables We Do Not Have - If you do not see your application, we can make it custom for your car or truck.  Custom duplication requires you to send the original cables for the new to be made.  Only by seeing the original cable are we able to determine if it can be reproduced. 
Please contact a customer service rep at 586-532-1338 or click here for more details.

Inline Tube has In-house Cable Fabrication for Street Rods

Inline Tube can make custom cables for any application. If you are swapping out a rear end or putting brakes on a street rod, we can help. We can extend stock cable for lifted trucks and make special applications for street rods. Our cable expert will design a creative system using the latest technology to provide a clean and smooth system. Your system can be made in stainless or steel. Inline Tube will supply all the materials, experience

The shop rate is $45.00 per hour + materials. We can put a flare on a tube in 3 seconds and bend a 14ft line in 10 minutes. No matter how skilled you are, in the end, we will be faster and cheaper. We also make cables for frame builders. If you are a frame or chassis builder doing 20 or more of the same car, we can develop a cable set for your particular car. We will computer program and make all  the parts, so all you have to do is install them.

To schedule your appointment, contact our sales office at 586-532-1338.

Quick Tip: Parking Brake Cables

Cable Installation - Most GM - The most common problem with cables not fitting properly is that they are installed incorrectly or missing hooks. The large hook mounts to the transmission cross brace to the passenger side of the car. The small hook location is one on each side to the floor brace in the center of the car. For exact location see your maintenance manual.

Flat Cables vs Spiral Wind Cables - As in many areas of the auto industry, multiple manufacturers were used to make cables. Some cables are flat wind in which a flat metal stock is wound to make the cable. Others are a series of wires held together by one spring wrap. Both cables are correct and function the same, but appearance is different. (No factory cable was ever made in black plastic.)  We produce cables in the most common material for that particular application.

Mopar Cables - Mopar cables were also available in two different materials from two manufacturers. The car will either have flat wind material or the material made up of 17 wires with one outer wire or even a mix of both.  When ordering stainless cables, the flat housing material is not available in stainless. We only offer the stainless cables with the correct OEM steel housing.  The rest of the cable parts are all stainless steel. (No factory cable was ever made in black plastic).